How plus size characters are changing TV

(CNN) -- When a 324-pound Chelsea Settles moved to Los Angeles, she brought a bikini-clad mannequin along to inspire her to lose weight.
Now, as the first season of "Chelsea Settles" unfolds on MTV, the mannequin in the 23-year-old reality star's bedroom is nothing more than a functional statement piece. Doubling as a coat rack and guitar stand -- "It's definitely not what it was when I first started," Settles says.
And Settles' reality show, originally marketed as a weight loss/transformation series, has progressed right along with her.


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Not Cool

she’s big. and possibly a woman of color. this means big is synonymous with ugly. just in case y’all ain’t know, this is why it is problematic to say, “you aren’t fat, you’re PRETTY to someone.”fuck.imageWow, TOTALLY unacceptable. A hur hur hur, she’s fat and wears glasses and is possiblyethnic! LOLZ! Of course, if you’re the type who drinks Bacardi Breezers, it’s better that women know to stay away from you entirely.Please, please let somebody try and tell me this “isn’t that big of a deal” and “everyone is overreacting, it’s just a JOKE!!!”
ETA: This was a real ad, but Bacardi apologized and pulled it. It was made by a third-party distributor, and the company pulled it once they found out about it. So, faith in humanity *slightly* restored.-Jessassumptions.
wait, how do you guys even know if the ugly girlfriend is the woman on the cover?
above comment so fucking idiotic I’m screaming. 

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Being beautiful is a decision?
If you don’t decide that you’re beautiful then who gets to? Who gets to tell you your beautiful and it matters BESIDES yourself? Another case of PEOPLE DICTATE HOW I FEEL ABOUT ME!
know your worth people, and decide for yourself.
Beautiful on the other hand…okay i understand. “fat is beautiful” blah to the blah….being fat and almost obese is not healthy, esp at a young age. Stop being so fucking lazy…Instead of making signs and gathering all fat motherfuckers saying fat people are healthy…go to your doctor and see what you can do to have a longer life and a better life style. 
Shit, fat motherfuckers bother me.
you know whats sad? 
fat motherfuckers don’t bother you, confident people bother you.
this womans weight has nothing to do with you and you’re going to say that she needs to go to a doctor to figure out how to live longer? I’ll tell you one thing that doenst help people live longer “BULLYING”
thanks for being a bully, you’re helping so many people out there with your shit views. 
What she said. Plus I’d do the girl in the picture.
Fat acceptance pisses me off no end. I don’t really care about the individuals involved, it’s their life, do whatever you like. I just hate how it’s forced upon us, and then we’re told not not look if we don’t like it. I didn’t really have much of a choice. It’s not that I don’t want to see your fat out on display, but I don’t want to see anyone’s body exposed to those levels anyway. 
By all means, accept yourself for who you are. But don’t let ‘fat’ define who you are. You’re still the same person with weight or without it, don’t make it a ‘thing’ and then bitch at other people when they do too. 
And stop promoting this whole “fat can be healthy” stuff. I’m sure there are many instances where it can. But for the most part, if you eat healthy food, and exercise, which is pretty much what leading a healthy lifestyle entails, you’re not going to be fat. 
I also have an issue with people who post about how unhealthy being fat is, and then glamourise drug use. Do you really think shovelling man made chemicals mixed with whatever shit was to hand is more healthy than eating cake (which, admittedly, for the most part are also filled with man made chemicals and utter shit which has no place being in the human body)?
Almost everyone’s unhealthy. We just need to stop encouraging it.
this woman is promoting self image and the idea that YOU decide if you’re beautiful or not. 
you’re not doing anything but attaching your flawed ass opinion on a picture of someone promoting nothing but BODY ACCEPTANCE FOR THE INDIVIDUAL.
no one is telling you to love or like fat people, or skinny people, or green people or people with disabilities, we’re asking for tolerance and the idea that you can totally look the other way if you’re so fucking disgusted. 
but yeah, thanks for posting this on your blog to bitch about it, instead of writing a post on your blog that virtually no one would give a fuck about. 
I love how you haters put your commentary on things that have NOTHING to do with what pisses you off, grow a brain and learn some fucking empathy. 

Big is Beautiful and Beautiful is Big


Ideas of what is beautiful change from generation to generation and from country to country. In the past, women were described as zaftig (meaning - having a full, shapely figure). This was seen as a point of pride due to the fact they could survive famine and illness, bear healthy children, and stood as solid evidence of their husband’s ability as a provider. Women with an hour glass figure were seen ad more fertile. From the Paleolithic figure known as Venus to the heavy hips of the Hindu goddesses, it is clear to see that fat was once considered fabulous. But overtime designers and media have construed the idea of what is beautiful, making the Kate Moss, semi-starved pre-adolescent look the most sought after. Yet like all good things, the idea of beautiful is big and big is beautiful is coming back with the emergence of bbw magazines, plussized models appearing in Elle, Glamour, etc. While it is still rare to find a woman who can’t find a flaw in her body, magazines and the industry are starting to realize real women have curves! So I say to all my followers - embrace your beauty! Don’t allow other ppl to dictate how you feel or even what you wear. If you think of yourself as good looking it impacts many things - how you walk changes, you hold yourself well and when you seem more confident it attracts other people to you.

Paula Patton is the New Face of CoverGirl Queen Collection

Paula Patton is the New Face of CoverGirl Queen Collection

Beautiful Imperfection: Katie Halchishick’s Iconic Photo Hits the Stands

Beautiful Imperfection: Katie Halchishick’s Iconic Photo Hits the Stands
Jill Scott performs at Black Girls Rock! 2011 at the Paradise Theater on October 15, 2011 in New York City.

10 Life Lessons We Learned From Curvy Girls

Beneath all the delicious drama, glam photo shoots and hot Hollywood scenarios that make Curvy Girls so much fun to watch are quite a few invaluable life lessons. Check out what we uncovered after checking out nuvoTV's special preview...
  1. In the competitive world of modeling, the common congratulatory phrase "Good, I'm happy for her" really means, "I hope she breaks a %$#@ heel on the runway!"
  2. Finally! Curvy Girls answers an age-old question: Is "skinny bitch" a compliment or an insult?
  3. Fergie had it right, big girls don't cry. They claw! And often after getting name-dropped in a frenemy's juicy gossip. Watch what you say and who you say it too -- especially when gossip the most popular form of communication in the modeling world!
  4. Being inspired by strong, single, young Latina women who barely break a sweat while juggling successful careers and raising families never gets old.
  5. The old adage that "thin is in" should be retired. The full-figuredCurvy Girls get all the perks expected of any supermodel: racy romances with sexy guys, lunches at L.A.'s best hot spots, and stopping traffic in the middle of Manhattan.
  6. If you run into a frenemy at an audition and she tells you that "You look great!" she's really thinking, "Please! Like you stand a chance."
  7. A lot more hard work than we expected goes into maintaining a campaign-winning body in the world of plus-size modeling. Boxing?! Who knew?
  8. Even beautiful working models struggle with insecurity. Sure, the billboards and magazine covers help, but as the ladies of Curvy Girls reveal, determination sparks confidence.
  9. It is possible to find Prince Charming through Internet dating, but you may have to kiss a few funky frogs in the cyber swamp first.
  10. Self-confidence, a sexy sense of humor, Latin pride and putting family first are enviable attributes that always trump physical beauty.

Nuvo Tv presents: Curvy Girls

Curvy Girls provides an all-access pass inside the glamorous world of professional modeling by shining the spotlight on four working plus-size Latina models whose passion and pride fuel their drive to achieve fame, fortune and fabulousness. But secret battles with insecurity, eating disorders, family fiascos and rocky romantic relationships threaten to singe their competitive spirit as they navigate through L.A.'s fast lane of auditions, photo shoots and fierce competition.

Meet the Cast

  • Denise

    You've seen this sexy single mom hyping major campaigns for fashion giants like Forever 21 and Torrid. But that's only the beginning for this gorgeous go-getter who is set on becoming the plus-size world's first supermodel. A prospective move from L.A. to NYC and custody issues with her overbearing ex, however, threaten to shake up her life like a salt shaker.
  • Lorna

    A contestant on nuvoTV's Model Latina Las Vegas, this New York-based beauty knows how to handle fierce competition. The ambitious model battled bulimia that sidelined her professional career in the mainstream only to later land her near the top in the world of plus-size modeling. But when a career move to L.A. threatens to tear apart her relationship with her New Yorker BF, she is forced to choose between true love and a shot at the good life.
  • Rosie

    This twice divorcee leaves Vegas to take a gamble on love and L.A.'s modeling scene. The 340-pound full figured beauty strives to stay upbeat as she struggles with insecurity and insincerity while pursuing new romances and a better life for herself and her three kids, including a special needs child. She seems to have her besties' support, but just how sincere are they?
  • Victoria

    "Just 'cause I'm a plus-size model doesn't mean I can just sit at home and eat bon-bons. I have to work out," says the brash and beautiful Victoria, who is obsessed with having a perfectly toned plus-size physique. But a plastic surgery mishap that became a double-D nightmare and an unshakeable distrust of her competition, including her new BFFs, sets up a sordid scenario that always keeps things interesting in Victoria's world.
Love your Body Project
Plus Size Model Fluvia Lacerda hits the cover of Beautiful Magazine.

Love Your Body Day

Love Your Body Day is an annual event that brings together women of all sizes to celebrate self-acceptance and to promote a positive body image. The celebration has expanded to a weekend full of events which will run from October 21 st to the 23 rd this year and includes a launch party, festival, body image panel discussion and fashion show finale.

Meet Chelsea Settles, MTV's Plus-Size Reality Star

We've seen the story before -- small-town girl moves to the big city to make it in the biz. But Chelsea Settles, the star of MTV's latest docu-series, is slightly different than your normal heroine. Unlike most college grads trying to forge a career in the fashion industry, Chelsea weighs 324 pounds.

The six-episode reality series 'Chelsea Settles' (premieres Tue., Oct. 11, 11PM ET on MTV) follows the 23-year-old as she moves from a tiny city outside of Pittsburgh called Uniontown, Penn. to Los Angeles. "It's like 'Cheers,'" Settles told AOL TV of her hometown. "Everyone knows everyone. They know your family history. It's definitely very stifling at times, but after being away for so long I definitely do appreciate home and where I come from."

After studying fashion merchandising and marketing at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Settles wasn't quite sure what to do with her degree. She responded to an MTV casting call and much to her delight, the network chose to follow her as she not only moved to LA but embraced a completely different, healthier lifestyle.

Settles called AOL TV from her Pennsylvania hometown -- she moved back in with her family for a bit while the show airs -- to talk about the terrifying prospect of broadcasting your weight to the country, turning into Kim Kardashian and whether she'd do another season.

What made you want to do the show?
I think I was just at the end of my rope. I was tired of being a victim of my surroundings and just being in a toxic environment and watching my mom be so sick all the time. I had to find the courage and something within myself that I honestly didn't know existed to just get up and go. I knew that I had to make a change, as scary as it was to put myself out there.

The opening scene of the first episode shows you ordering fast food, eating it in your car and hiding the wrappers. That's really, really personal. How did you get the courage to show that onscreen?
I had to pretend the cameras weren't there. It was really hard for me to expose myself like that, but because this is such a personal journey, it was kind of easy to tune everything out and just be in the moment and be in my own head. I kind of embraced being a guinea pig because I know that there are other girls out there that are like me, so if I have to just stop being afraid and put myself out there in order to have someone else's story told and give them the courage to make a change, then it's well worth it. So I just put it all out there. It's something honest; that's the best part of the show.

My weight is something that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember. It's something that I believe has stopped me from doing every and anything. It made me not want to be social, go to parties. I thought that everyone I met would judge me, and I would pin all of that back on my weight. "As soon as I lose the weight I'll go to clubs and I'll make friends and I'll be a better girlfriend in my relationship." But until then it was just, "No, I can't move because of my weight. I cant do this because of that." I was just exhausted, mentally and physically exhausted, and I knew I had to make a change.

What was the first difference between what you expected LA to be and what it was actually like?
I thought that as soon as I stepped off the plane there would be a red carpet that was rolled out, the sidewalks would be beaming with glitter, there would be celebrities everywhere, people just prancing around in ball gowns. But I got there and it was like "OK, well this looks like a normal city. I mean, it was beautiful -- there were palm trees -- but it wasn't like what I'd seen on TV watching 'The OC' or 'The Hills' or things I've studied.

When you got there, did you start doing those things you wanted to do?
I thought that I would start doing things instantly, but you know, I'm still the same girl. I had moved from my hometown and I was still very fearful. There's a lot of stuff that goes on -- you're just going to have to watch it unfold! [Laughs]

I guess those fears don't really go away just because you're in a new place.
Oh yeah! I thought they would, though. I thought I would just transfer myself across the country and I'd automatically be Kim Kardashian. I thought I'd be a new girl. I'd lose 100 pounds after the flight was over and I would just turn into some party girl and dance on tables. I thought my whole personality would change, but that's not what happened and I'm very thankful for that. [Laughs]

Chelsea SettlesDid you notice people treating you differently?
I think in my head I thought everyone treated me differently anyway. Whether I was at school, at home, in LA, I thought that as soon as I started walking down the sidewalk people automatically noted, "What's the fat girl doing here?" That's always been my mentality.

I noticed from the episodes I've watched that you have a really positive attitude about everything. Even when you're crying you're kind of smiling. Are you really like that all the time?
I am! It's so strange. [Laughs] I know that there is always another day. Despite what's going on, someone has it a lot harder than I do. So even though I go through struggles, I don't want to be negative. I really am a happy person. [Laughs] Regardless of everything else, I know that I'm really blessed, so what's the point in complaining?

Do you think you complete a journey throughout the six episodes of the show or is it still a work in progress?
I think that I have gone through a lot. I'm definitely still a work in progress because we all are! I think regardless of what happens in my life I'm going to find something that I can do better.

What's one thing you want people to know about you before they watch the show?
Mainly that I really am a person that is lighthearted and I like to have fun. Like I said before, I am a work in progress. I know I have a long way to go, but at this point I'm confident that eventually I'm going to get there. I know sometimes I can come off being self-conscious and crazy and all over the place, but I really do mean well! [Laughs]

If you had a chance to say something to people who criticize you or judge you, what would you want to say to them?
I'd want to say thank you, because they've helped me be the person I am today. I'm going to keep smiling; I'm going to keep being positive. They've helped me grow a tougher skin. They've fueled the motivation to get to the finish line. I don't know how long that's going to take, but I keep those things in the back of my mind when I have to keep going.

Would you do another season?
For sure. Absolutely. It was something that was really really challenging, but everything is worth it in the end. I would do it a million times over, as hard as it was.

'Chelsea Settles' premieres Tue., Oct. 11 at 11PM ET on MTV.