Being beautiful is a decision?
If you don’t decide that you’re beautiful then who gets to? Who gets to tell you your beautiful and it matters BESIDES yourself? Another case of PEOPLE DICTATE HOW I FEEL ABOUT ME!
know your worth people, and decide for yourself.
Beautiful on the other hand…okay i understand. “fat is beautiful” blah to the blah….being fat and almost obese is not healthy, esp at a young age. Stop being so fucking lazy…Instead of making signs and gathering all fat motherfuckers saying fat people are healthy…go to your doctor and see what you can do to have a longer life and a better life style. 
Shit, fat motherfuckers bother me.
you know whats sad? 
fat motherfuckers don’t bother you, confident people bother you.
this womans weight has nothing to do with you and you’re going to say that she needs to go to a doctor to figure out how to live longer? I’ll tell you one thing that doenst help people live longer “BULLYING”
thanks for being a bully, you’re helping so many people out there with your shit views. 
What she said. Plus I’d do the girl in the picture.
Fat acceptance pisses me off no end. I don’t really care about the individuals involved, it’s their life, do whatever you like. I just hate how it’s forced upon us, and then we’re told not not look if we don’t like it. I didn’t really have much of a choice. It’s not that I don’t want to see your fat out on display, but I don’t want to see anyone’s body exposed to those levels anyway. 
By all means, accept yourself for who you are. But don’t let ‘fat’ define who you are. You’re still the same person with weight or without it, don’t make it a ‘thing’ and then bitch at other people when they do too. 
And stop promoting this whole “fat can be healthy” stuff. I’m sure there are many instances where it can. But for the most part, if you eat healthy food, and exercise, which is pretty much what leading a healthy lifestyle entails, you’re not going to be fat. 
I also have an issue with people who post about how unhealthy being fat is, and then glamourise drug use. Do you really think shovelling man made chemicals mixed with whatever shit was to hand is more healthy than eating cake (which, admittedly, for the most part are also filled with man made chemicals and utter shit which has no place being in the human body)?
Almost everyone’s unhealthy. We just need to stop encouraging it.
this woman is promoting self image and the idea that YOU decide if you’re beautiful or not. 
you’re not doing anything but attaching your flawed ass opinion on a picture of someone promoting nothing but BODY ACCEPTANCE FOR THE INDIVIDUAL.
no one is telling you to love or like fat people, or skinny people, or green people or people with disabilities, we’re asking for tolerance and the idea that you can totally look the other way if you’re so fucking disgusted. 
but yeah, thanks for posting this on your blog to bitch about it, instead of writing a post on your blog that virtually no one would give a fuck about. 
I love how you haters put your commentary on things that have NOTHING to do with what pisses you off, grow a brain and learn some fucking empathy. 

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