Not Cool

she’s big. and possibly a woman of color. this means big is synonymous with ugly. just in case y’all ain’t know, this is why it is problematic to say, “you aren’t fat, you’re PRETTY to someone.”fuck.imageWow, TOTALLY unacceptable. A hur hur hur, she’s fat and wears glasses and is possiblyethnic! LOLZ! Of course, if you’re the type who drinks Bacardi Breezers, it’s better that women know to stay away from you entirely.Please, please let somebody try and tell me this “isn’t that big of a deal” and “everyone is overreacting, it’s just a JOKE!!!”
ETA: This was a real ad, but Bacardi apologized and pulled it. It was made by a third-party distributor, and the company pulled it once they found out about it. So, faith in humanity *slightly* restored.-Jessassumptions.
wait, how do you guys even know if the ugly girlfriend is the woman on the cover?
above comment so fucking idiotic I’m screaming. 

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