10 Life Lessons We Learned From Curvy Girls

Beneath all the delicious drama, glam photo shoots and hot Hollywood scenarios that make Curvy Girls so much fun to watch are quite a few invaluable life lessons. Check out what we uncovered after checking out nuvoTV's special preview...
  1. In the competitive world of modeling, the common congratulatory phrase "Good, I'm happy for her" really means, "I hope she breaks a %$#@ heel on the runway!"
  2. Finally! Curvy Girls answers an age-old question: Is "skinny bitch" a compliment or an insult?
  3. Fergie had it right, big girls don't cry. They claw! And often after getting name-dropped in a frenemy's juicy gossip. Watch what you say and who you say it too -- especially when gossip the most popular form of communication in the modeling world!
  4. Being inspired by strong, single, young Latina women who barely break a sweat while juggling successful careers and raising families never gets old.
  5. The old adage that "thin is in" should be retired. The full-figuredCurvy Girls get all the perks expected of any supermodel: racy romances with sexy guys, lunches at L.A.'s best hot spots, and stopping traffic in the middle of Manhattan.
  6. If you run into a frenemy at an audition and she tells you that "You look great!" she's really thinking, "Please! Like you stand a chance."
  7. A lot more hard work than we expected goes into maintaining a campaign-winning body in the world of plus-size modeling. Boxing?! Who knew?
  8. Even beautiful working models struggle with insecurity. Sure, the billboards and magazine covers help, but as the ladies of Curvy Girls reveal, determination sparks confidence.
  9. It is possible to find Prince Charming through Internet dating, but you may have to kiss a few funky frogs in the cyber swamp first.
  10. Self-confidence, a sexy sense of humor, Latin pride and putting family first are enviable attributes that always trump physical beauty.

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