Big is Beautiful and Beautiful is Big


Ideas of what is beautiful change from generation to generation and from country to country. In the past, women were described as zaftig (meaning - having a full, shapely figure). This was seen as a point of pride due to the fact they could survive famine and illness, bear healthy children, and stood as solid evidence of their husband’s ability as a provider. Women with an hour glass figure were seen ad more fertile. From the Paleolithic figure known as Venus to the heavy hips of the Hindu goddesses, it is clear to see that fat was once considered fabulous. But overtime designers and media have construed the idea of what is beautiful, making the Kate Moss, semi-starved pre-adolescent look the most sought after. Yet like all good things, the idea of beautiful is big and big is beautiful is coming back with the emergence of bbw magazines, plussized models appearing in Elle, Glamour, etc. While it is still rare to find a woman who can’t find a flaw in her body, magazines and the industry are starting to realize real women have curves! So I say to all my followers - embrace your beauty! Don’t allow other ppl to dictate how you feel or even what you wear. If you think of yourself as good looking it impacts many things - how you walk changes, you hold yourself well and when you seem more confident it attracts other people to you.

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