Nuvo Tv presents: Curvy Girls

Curvy Girls provides an all-access pass inside the glamorous world of professional modeling by shining the spotlight on four working plus-size Latina models whose passion and pride fuel their drive to achieve fame, fortune and fabulousness. But secret battles with insecurity, eating disorders, family fiascos and rocky romantic relationships threaten to singe their competitive spirit as they navigate through L.A.'s fast lane of auditions, photo shoots and fierce competition.

Meet the Cast

  • Denise

    You've seen this sexy single mom hyping major campaigns for fashion giants like Forever 21 and Torrid. But that's only the beginning for this gorgeous go-getter who is set on becoming the plus-size world's first supermodel. A prospective move from L.A. to NYC and custody issues with her overbearing ex, however, threaten to shake up her life like a salt shaker.
  • Lorna

    A contestant on nuvoTV's Model Latina Las Vegas, this New York-based beauty knows how to handle fierce competition. The ambitious model battled bulimia that sidelined her professional career in the mainstream only to later land her near the top in the world of plus-size modeling. But when a career move to L.A. threatens to tear apart her relationship with her New Yorker BF, she is forced to choose between true love and a shot at the good life.
  • Rosie

    This twice divorcee leaves Vegas to take a gamble on love and L.A.'s modeling scene. The 340-pound full figured beauty strives to stay upbeat as she struggles with insecurity and insincerity while pursuing new romances and a better life for herself and her three kids, including a special needs child. She seems to have her besties' support, but just how sincere are they?
  • Victoria

    "Just 'cause I'm a plus-size model doesn't mean I can just sit at home and eat bon-bons. I have to work out," says the brash and beautiful Victoria, who is obsessed with having a perfectly toned plus-size physique. But a plastic surgery mishap that became a double-D nightmare and an unshakeable distrust of her competition, including her new BFFs, sets up a sordid scenario that always keeps things interesting in Victoria's world.

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